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What Do I Need To Do After I Complete Drug Rehab in Texas?

“What do I need to do after I complete drug rehab in Texas?” is a question we hear time and time again. Of course, the time right after you get out of drug rehab is a vulnerable one. You want to take your newly learned information and apply it to your life. You have new ambitions, goals. But what is the first step in getting your life back in order after going to drug rehab in Texas? Where do you begin?

Here is what we like to tell our clients: Go to sober living. What is sober living? It is a place, often called a halfway house or transitional living facility, where you can rent or share a room and slowly ease your way back into the real world. A halfway house will give you not only a place to go, but also a similar type of accountability and responsibility that you had in drug rehab. You will live with other residents who are in a similar situation and who have the same goal - to stay clean & sober and to get their lives back together.

Sometimes the recovery process is a long one. Going to drug rehab in Texas is just one of the steps involved in a full recovery. It is not an easy thing to admit you have a problem, go to detox and deal with uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, then go to drug rehab in an unfamiliar setting - all within such a short period of time. It all happens really fast and there is not a whole lot of time for adjusting to the new lifestyle of being drug free.

This is completely understandable and it is also why sober living homes exist. One of the requirements of living in a halfway house is often that you have to get and keep a job. This is an important step in living a normal, drug free life. You have to work for a living and be responsible and pay for your own rent and other needs. Sometimes addiction makes you fail at these tasks and you need some encouragement to get back out there.

Sober living after drug rehab in Texas is a good idea for the fact that you have to follow rules, you have to remain drug free, you have to attend regular twelve step meetings or other addiction counseling, and you get to make new friends and associations with people who are also drug free. This is a really good step towards a long term, successful recovery from addiction.

List of Drug Rehabs and Alcohol Treatment in Texas

If you are looking for a change of pace or a change of scenery and you are facing the mental and physical health problems associated with drug or alcohol addiction, then the state of Texas can offer you both along with treatment for your disorder. Texas has many beautiful and hospitable cities, including Houston, Dallas, Waco, and Austin where you can obtain professional therapy to help you overcome your addictions.

Obtaining the appropriate treatment for an addiction disorder can play a crucial role in your recovery. Texas offers rehabilitation facilities that specialize in addiction therapy. You can receive individual counseling that will help to identify your weaknesses and determine the severity of your illness. This can also assist with your decision to commit to an in-patient program or to obtain services on an out-patient basis. It is very important though, that you do follow through with the program of your choice and make a conscious effort to achieve and maintain sobriety.

How to find drug and alcohol treatment in Texas can be very difficult.  We have provided a Solutions-Based Directory for you to find rehabs that are affordable, low cost, no cost, insurance accepted, state funded as well as self pay.  You can find out the way to get off heroin, cocaine, meth, ecstasy, painkillers, pills, xanax, marijuana and alcohol.  Most treatment facilities either provide detox or work closely with a detox facility in Texas.  Sober living facilities can be found in Texas.

Outpatient, residential, extended care, men's or women's, Christian, faith based, outdoor wilderness, dual diagnosis, mental health, behavioral health, detox and long term care are available to you in Texas.

Texas is known for the widespread epidemic of meth ( ice, crystal, glass, crank, methampetamine, tweak, tweek .) Treatment and detox for meth is becoming more and more popular in recent years. If you or someone you know needs help finding rehab or detox for meth, be sure to fill out our rapid response form on any page of this site. We are dedicated to the fight against meth. Meth is a dangerous drug that brutally kills people and ruins lives.

Heroin and opiates are all-too-often treated with methadone in large populations like Houston, Austin and Dallas. Detox and treatment for heroin ( dope, horse, smack, h ) is available to assist people with returning to a normal lifestyle without constantly relying on maintenance drugs like methadone and Suboxone. Another major area of concern for people in Texa are the synthetic drugs like Oxycontin ( Oxy ), Roxicet ( Roxy ), and Oxycodone. Recovery is possible and a new life can be found by simply completing the simple form below. We will help you find the proper detox for heroin and opiates.

Want to know if your insurance will be accepted at a treatment center? Whether you have Blue Cross / Blue Shield (BCBS), Aetna, United Health Care, Humana, Assurant, Unicare, Anthem, Carefirst, Cigna, Asuris Northwest Health, Celtic Insurance, Fortis, Golden Rule, Health Net, Kaiser, Shelter, Vista, Wellpoint, Accordia or even Medicaid, Tri Care, and state funded insurance – we can usually help you find what you are looking for. We work closely with thousands of facilities that accept insurance, whether it be in network or out of network. If you don’t have insurance, many facilities are now offering payment plans, financing, and some even offer scholarships.

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Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center
14000 South Military Trail Suite 204A
Delray Beach
(866) 211-5538   TX


Transformation- Metamorphosis A complete change, such as from a caterpillar to a butterfly Transformations Treatment Center is a leading provider of addiction treatment services designed to help individuals who struggle with chemical dependency. Transformations utilizes a three phase step down program designed to help those transform from an addiction centered lifestyle to trusting in the recovery process. The philosophy of Transformations is based on the theory that addiction or alcoholism is a three-fold disease: physical, mental, and spiritual. At Transformations we treat the individual as a whole. Transformations is located in the heart of Delray Beach, Florida which is known as the recovery capital of the nation. Delray Beach offers 100's of 12 step recovery meetings to help individuals build healthy support groups.
Texas Drug Rehab Helpline

Houston Dallas San Antonio
(888) 842-3167   TX


If you are looking for a Texas drug rehab or alcohol treatment center, we can help. Simply call our toll free number to find Detox or drug rehab in Texas. We help with all addiction treatment including cocaine, heroin, meth, alcohol, oxycontin and suboxone.
Serenity Vista

Boquete, Chiriquí, Panama
800-919-8023   TX


Serenity Vista is an affordable world class alcoholism, drug and other addiction holistic rehabilitation center. It is the result of years of Canadian experience, a track record of success, and the gold standard, Hazelden Minnesota Model of Recovery. Panama was carefully chosen as an ideal location for a recovery treatment center. Read More
Serenity Foundation of Texas
226 Beech Street
Pathway to Recovery
135 West Locust Street
Sante Center for Healing
914 Country Club Road
Changes Counseling Services
8711 Burnet Road
Choosing How I Live Life
1700 Montopolis Drive
Clean Investments Counseling Center
2406 Manor Road
Cornell Companies Inc
1915 East Martin Luther King Street
Cornerstone Counseling Inc
2417 Ashdale Drive
Developmental Counseling Center Inc
4403 Manchaca Road
La Haciendas Solutions
2100 Kramer Lane
Phoenix Academy of Austin
400 West Live Oak Street
Push Up Foundations Inc
1711 East Cesar Chavez Street
Gateway Foundation Dallas
723 South Peak Street
Nexus Recovery Center Inc
8733 La Prada Drive
Road to Recovery
9304 Forest Lane
New Beginnings
6044 Gateway Boulevard East
El Paso
Brentwood Treatment Services
4801 Brebtwood Stair Road
Fort Worth
All About Recovery
4141 North Freeway Street
Houston Launch Pad
11810 Bay Cedar Drive
Right Step
902 West Alabama Street
Watershed Addiction Treatment
20 Professional Park Drive

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