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How Long Can I Save My Job If I Take Time To Go Go Drug Rehab in Oklahoma?

Coming to the decision that you cannot stop abusing drugs on your own is a huge first step in overcoming your addiction. Only a drug rehab is fully equipped to assist you in getting to recovery and getting of drugs in a safe, effective manner. If you reside in Oklahoma and you have a job, you might ask “how long can I save my job if I take time to go to drug rehab in Oklahoma?”

When you think of someone being addicted to drugs, such substances come to mind: crack, cocaine, meth, and heroin. However in today’s modern world, there are even higher numbers of people who are addicted to prescribed medication. Our healthcare system is out of control, and doctors will prescribe medication in a heartbeat instead of really getting to the underlying causes of a person’s pain. This, individuals are using more prescription medications than ever before. Vicodin, Oxycontin, Percocet and other addictive medications are handed out in sickening numbers throughout the nation. You do not even have to be breaking the law to access these legal medications. They are sold over the counter in any drugstore, and most of the time they are extremely inexpensive.

A drug rehab in Oklahoma requires a stay of about 28 days on average but sometimes even longer. How long you can keep your job is determined by your specific work obligations and what your company’s policies regarding time off are. It may also rely on whether you have enough sick or vacation time available so that you can take enough days off. Another aspect to consider may be your salary. Do you have an adequate amount stored to pay your expenses and take care of other things while you are in treatment? Something else to consider is medical insurance coverage for short term disability. Many times medical insurance will cover all or a part of your drug rehab in Oklahoma and a short term disability insurance plan will pay for expenses while you are receiving addiction treatment.

If you are serious about your sobriety, it may be beneficial to quit your job altogether if you can not take the time off without getting fired. This may be one of the reasons why many individuals do not get the help they need, as they can not lose their income. However if you do not get help and your addiction continues, you may end up getting fired anyway. It’s best to go to drug rehab in Oklahoma no matter what the consequence is with your job. You will be better off clean and sober than you would be if you choose not to get help. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but your best bet is to go to drug rehab in Oklahoma even if you can’t save your job.

List of Drug Rehabs and Alcohol Treatment in Oklahoma

How to find drug and alcohol treatment in Oklahoma can be very difficult.  We have provided a Solutions-Based Directory for you to find rehabs that are affordable, low cost, no cost, insurance accepted, state funded as well as self pay.  You can find out the way to get off heroin, cocaine, meth, ecstasy, painkillers, pills, xanax, marijuana and alcohol.  Most treatment facilities either provide detox or work closely with a detox facility in Oklahoma.  Sober living facilities can be found in Oklahoma.

Outpatient, residential, extended care, men's or women's, Christian, faith based, outdoor wilderness, dual diagnosis, mental health, behavioral health, detox and long term care are available to you in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is known for the widespread epidemic of meth ( ice, crystal, glass, crank, methampetamine, tweak, tweek .) Treatment and detox for meth is becoming more and more popular in recent years. If you or someone you know needs help finding rehab or detox for meth, be sure to fill out our rapid response form on any page of this site. We are dedicated to the fight against meth. Meth is a dangerous drug that brutally kills people and ruins lives.

Heroin and opiates are all-too-often treated with methadone in large populations like Oklahoma City and Tulsa.  Detox and treatment for heroin ( dope, horse, smack, h ) is available to assist people with returning to a normal lifestyle without constantly relying on maintenance drugs like methadone and Suboxone.  Another major area of concern for people in Oklahoma are the synthetic drugs like Oxycontin ( Oxy ), Roxicet ( Roxy ), and Oxycodone.  Recovery is possible and a new life can be found by simply completing the simple form below.  We will help you find the proper detox for heroin and opiates.

Want to know if your insurance will be accepted at a treatment center?  Whether you have Blue Cross / Blue Shield (BCBS), Aetna, United Health Care, Humana, Assurant, Unicare, Anthem, Carefirst, Cigna, Asuris Northwest Health, Celtic Insurance, Fortis, Golden Rule, Health Net, Kaiser, Shelter, Vista, Wellpoint, Accordia or even Medicaid, Tri Care, and state funded insurance – we can usually help you find what you are looking for.  We work closely with thousands of facilities that accept insurance, whether it be in network or out of network.  If you don’t have insurance, many facilities are now offering payment plans, financing, and some even offer scholarships.

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If you are looking for a Oklahoma drug rehab or alcohol treatment center, we can help. Simply call our toll free number to find Detox or drug rehab in Oklahoma. We help with all addiction treatment including cocaine, heroin, meth, alcohol, oxycontin and suboxone.
Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center
14000 South Military Trail Suite 204A
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Transformation- Metamorphosis A complete change, such as from a caterpillar to a butterfly Transformations Treatment Center is a leading provider of addiction treatment services designed to help individuals who struggle with chemical dependency. Transformations utilizes a three phase step down program designed to help those transform from an addiction centered lifestyle to trusting in the recovery process. The philosophy of Transformations is based on the theory that addiction or alcoholism is a three-fold disease: physical, mental, and spiritual. At Transformations we treat the individual as a whole. Transformations is located in the heart of Delray Beach, Florida which is known as the recovery capital of the nation. Delray Beach offers 100's of 12 step recovery meetings to help individuals build healthy support groups.
Next Step Network
1004 Highway 54 NE
Southern Oklahoma Treatment Services
1213 East Jackson Street
The Oaks Rehab Health Center
628 East Creek Street
Norman Alcohol and Drug Treatment Ctr
900 East Main Street
A Chance to Change Foundation
5228 Classen Circle
Oklahoma City
Drug Recovery Inc
3033 North Walnut Avenue
Oklahoma City
New Beginnings Medical Center
5401 SW 29th Street
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City Valley Hope
6110 NW 63th Street
Oklahoma City
Red Rock Behavioral Health Services
2240 NW 39th Street
Oklahoma City
Referral Center for Alcohol and
1215 NW 25th Street
Oklahoma City
Rightway Medical
9017 South I-35 Service Road
Oklahoma City
Gateway to Prevention and Recovery
1010 East 45th Street
12 and 12 Inc
6333 East Skelly Drive
How Foundation Recovery Center
5649 South Garnett Road
Laureate Psych Clinic and Hospital
6655 South Yale Street
Palmer Drug Abuse Program
3015 East Skelly
Valley Hope Association
1422 East 71 Street
Valliant House LLC
300 North Dalton Street
Lighthouse Substance Abuse Services of
5050 Williams Avenue
Center For Positive Change Inc
1607 Professional Circle

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