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Arkansas Drug Rehab Helpline

Little Rock, AR
Phone Number
For More Information Call (888) 842-3167
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Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

14000 South Military Trail Suite 204A Delray Beach, AR
Phone Number
For More Information Call (866) 211-5538
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Alternative Opportunites Inc

316 West 6th Street Mountain Home, AR 72653
Phone Number
For More Information Call (870) 425-8642
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Alternative Opportunites Inc DaySpring Behavorial Health Inc

316 Highway 65 North Marshall, AR 72650
Phone Number
For More Information Call (870) 448-4727
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Arkansas River Valley Area Council Freedom House

400 Lake Front Drive P.O. Box 1463 Russellville, AR 72802
Phone Number
For More Information Call (479) 968-7086
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BARBS Place Babies Adults Recovery Based Services

276 Linden Street Hot Springs National Park, AR 71901
Phone Number
For More Information Call (501) 624-6185
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BCD Hoover Treatment Center

4000 West 13th Street Little Rock, AR 72204
Phone Number
For More Information Call (501) 663-4774
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21 Bridgeway Road North Little Rock, AR
Phone Number
For More Information Call
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21 Bridgeway Road North Little Rock, AR 72113
Phone Number
For More Information Call (501) 771-1500
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Catar Clinic

1401 South University Avenue Little Rock, AR 72204
Phone Number
For More Information Call (501) 664-7833
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Drug Rehab Arkansas

How Long Can I Save My Job If I Take Time To Go To Drug Rehab in Arkansas?

Coming to the conclusion that you cannot quit drugs on your own is a huge first step in your recovery. Only a drug rehab can help you to detox from addictive substances and give you the tools to live a clean and sober life. If you live in Arkansas and you have a job, you might ask “how long can I save my job if I take time to go to drug rehab in Arkansas?”

When you think of someone being an addict, drugs such as heroin, cocaine and LSD may come to mind. However it today's world there are two new killers on the horizon, prescription and synthetic drugs. Due to the health crisis in America, many people are using more prescription drugs than ever before. Vicodin, Oxycontin and other addictive drugs are used in millions of homes throughout the united states. The latest threat to human life is synthetic drugs. You do not have to break the law to buy and sell these drugs. They are sold over the counter in any convenience store on any corner. Although a movement to ban the substance has been launched, people still continue to buy it and end up in hospitals at alarming rates.

A drug rehab in Arkansas requires that you check in for a minimum of 28 days. How long you can keep your job depends on your responsibilities at work and how understanding your boss is. It may also depend on whether you have enough vacation time available so that you can take the time off. Another factor may be money. Do you have a sufficient amount saved to pay your bills and take care of other things while you are in treatment? Something else to consider is health insurance and short term disability. Of course health insurance will pay all or a portion of your drug rehab in Arkansas and short term disability will cover your time off.

If you are serious about getting well, it may be advantageous to quit your job if your boss will not allow you to take the time off to get better. This may be one of the reasons why many people fail to seek treatment for their addictions. They just can’t afford to lose their jobs. However if you don’t get help and your addiction gets worse, you may end up losing your job anyway. It’s best to move forward with your treatment come what may. You will be stronger for it and feel much better yourself in the long run. Who knows maybe an even better job will be in your future after you complete drug rehab in Arkansas.

List of Drug Rehabs and Alcohol Treatment in Arkansas

How to find drug and alcohol treatment in Arkansas can be very difficult.  We have provided a Solutions-Based Directory for you to find rehabs that are affordable, low cost, no cost, insurance accepted, state funded as well as self pay.  You can find out the way to get off heroin, cocaine, meth, ecstasy, painkillers, pills, xanax, marijuana and alcohol.  Most treatment facilities either provide detox or work closely with a detox facility in Arkansas.  Sober living facilities can be found in Arkansas.

Outpatient, residential, extended care, men's or women's, Christian, faith based, outdoor wilderness, dual diagnosis, mental health, behavioral health, detox and long term care are available to you in Arkansas.

Arkansas is known for the widespread epidemic of meth ( ice, crystal, glass, crank, methampetamine, tweak, tweek .) Treatment and detox for meth is becoming more and more popular in recent years. If you or someone you know needs help finding rehab or detox for meth, be sure to fill out our rapid response form on any page of this site. We are dedicated to the fight against meth. Meth is a dangerous drug that brutally kills people and ruins lives.

Heroin and opiates are all-too-often treated with methadone in large populations like Little Rock and Ft. Smith. Detox and treatment for heroin ( dope, horse, smack, h ) is available to assist people with returning to a normal lifestyle without constantly relying on maintenance drugs like methadone and Suboxone. Another major area of concern for people in Arkansas are the synthetic drugs like Oxycontin ( Oxy ), Roxicet ( Roxy ), and Oxycodone. Recovery is possible and a new life can be found by simply completing the simple form below. We will help you find the proper detox for heroin and opiates.

Want to know if your insurance will be accepted at a treatment center? Whether you have Blue Cross / Blue Shield (BCBS), Aetna, United Health Care, Humana, Assurant, Unicare, Anthem, Carefirst, Cigna, Asuris Northwest Health, Celtic Insurance, Fortis, Golden Rule, Health Net, Kaiser, Shelter, Vista, Wellpoint, Accordia or even Medicaid, Tri Care, and state funded insurance – we can usually help you find what you are looking for. We work closely with thousands of facilities that accept insurance, whether it be in network or out of network. If you don’t have insurance, many facilities are now offering payment plans, financing, and some even offer scholarships.

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