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Why should I go to sober living in Oklahoma?

What is in Oklahoma you might as? Why should I go to sober living in Oklahoma? It’s probably obvious that when people think of the state of Oklahoma, the first thought that would come to mind is not likely to be “good sober living homes”. Naturally, one would think of family vacation spots like Big Splash Water Park or even casino gambling and horse racing, which are popular there. But really, sober living in Oklahoma has many great options for recovering addicts who have either completed treatment at an Oklahoma rehab or who will be coming from a different state right out of a substance abuse treatment program.

A bigger city like Oklahoma City might be the first place one would look for a halfway house. That’s a good place to start, as there are over 30 different transitional living homes in Oklahoma City alone. Sober living in Oklahoma can range from a kind of medical group setting that also has drug rehab in the same building or complex to an apartment or even a single home or townhouse. Sober living houses come in all different shapes and sizes and are each unique.

What you should be looking for when you decide to go to sober living in Oklahoma is a calm atmosphere, clean living conditions, friendly residents, a caring staff, and a decent lifestyle when it comes to the way the place is furnished. No one wants to live in an uncomfortable dump right out of treatment at such a vulnerable time in their life. It’s ok to be a little bit picky, but remember, the halfway house is not going to be a palace, but it is a place you will call home for a little bit as you work on becoming stronger in your recovery.

Sober living in Oklahoma is just as good as any other place, and you may even find a bit of much needed serenity there with all of the beautiful outdoor scenery which is great for fishing, canoeing, bird watching and more. Oklahoma is a great place to call home for awhile - and who knows, maybe you will love it so much  you will stay for good.There are worse places to live and spend your time, after all.

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Transitional Housing continues to be one of the most effective ways of attaining continued abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Our sober living community believes that with the proper education, support, and willingness, everyone has the opportunity to recover from substance abuse. We provide our residents with the structure, tools, and guidance they need to become a valuable, loving, happy, family-oriented person again. It is our mission to provide you with a safe and sober living environment on your journey to recovery.

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