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Choosing sober living in Columbus, Ohio leaves one with many options. Columbus, Oh is a major city with a nice downtown area where there is a strong recovery community. Sober living in Columbus can be found in many different neighborhoods and so the location, cost and amenities can vary greatly. There are basic apartments, old historic sober living homes and luxury arrangements as well.

Sober living in Columbus, Ohio, just like in any other place does come with its rules and regulations. Before taking the step to live in any sober living home in Columbus, you’ll need to know what to expect. Here are several examples of the rules of sober living in Columbus Ohio - so you’ll have an idea of what it will be like:

  • No use of drugs/alcohol/mood altering substances of any kind
  • Gambling is not allowed on or off site
  • Profanity/vulgarity is not permitted
  • Smoking tobacco is allowed only in designated areas
  • Any visitors must obtain approval to be on premesis
  • No open flames or candles are permitted for any reason inside the homes
  • No fighting or physical confrontation is tolerated
  • All who live in a sober living facility are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and doing their own laundry
  • All who live in sober living home are responsible for remaining employed
  • All who live in sober living home are required to go to regular counseling for substance abuse or attend twelve step meetings to be allowed to remain living there
  • All who live there are supposed to help keep living costs down by turning off lights when they are not in the room and conserving water
  • All residents have to keep their own personal areas clean and make their beds each day before leaving
  • Residents of sober living homes in Columbus Ohio have to adhere to a curfew (usually by 11:00pm all days of the week unless one’s work schedule is later and then approval must be obtained to come back after the set curfew time)

It is important to find a sober living home in Columbus Ohio where you will be safe and comfortable, because it will be home for some time. Also, ensure you follow the rules so that there is no unnecessary drama to deal with. There are many great sober living homes in the Columbus area, and you can often get referrals from the treatment center you went to to help you find a place to stay while you are in transition from rehab.

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Aloha House
1908 Buchanan Street

Aloha House has been providing a safe, caring, affordable residence for recovering men and women since 2002. Our recovering director is a Certified Addiction Professional with more than 20 years working in the field of addiction. We know what works to guide you on your recovery path. We are conveniently located in the heart of the recovering community in South Florida/Broward County with meetings within walking distance from our facility. Please feel free to call us or visit our website for more information about Aloha House.
Integrity Way

Delray Beach
(888) 469-8777   OH

Transitional Housing continues to be one of the most effective ways of attaining continued abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Our sober living community believes that with the proper education, support, and willingness, everyone has the opportunity to recover from substance abuse. We provide our residents with the structure, tools, and guidance they need to become a valuable, loving, happy, family-oriented person again. It is our mission to provide you with a safe and sober living environment on your journey to recovery.
New Horizons Sober Community

Delray Beach
(561) 414-1126   OH

New Horizons is a sober community for men who have a strong desire followed by the actions necessary to stay sober and improve their lives. If you have decided that you are serious about your recovery and are interested in joining a community where you can learn the necessary skills to be a happy, healthy, responsible member of society, then the New Horizons Sober Community is the place for you!

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